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How We Work

Addison Green Meadows, Inc., Addison, IL – October 2002

“Thank you for doing a superb job….great selection of games and prizes…my highest compliments to all of the attendants and people who assisted you. I look forward to doing business again with you.”

The first step in organizing an event is to contact us. You may do so through our contact us page or just give us a call on the phone (630) 543-5430. We'll be happy to discuss your event and offer suggestions as to how we might be of help and contribute to your success.

You might also look at many of the attraction photos at the left and get ideas on what items would appeal to the people attending your event. We'll have plenty of suggestions too when we talk.

It is important to do the proper advanced planning to make sure things go smoothly. We work as a team with you to insure a successful event for you.

About our insurance:
We maintain $5 million of liability insurance to protect our customers and ourselves.