The excitement begins as soon as you are strapped into your climbing harness. Then your adventure begins climbing one of the three climbing routes to the top of Mt. Fundways. Once at the top hit the red button which will announce your successful climb.

Electrical Needed: None

Notes: Trailer Mounted

Four spinning apples that the riders can spin themselves to go faster.

Electrical Needed: Yes, generator included.

Notes: Price based on 4 hour rental

36" minimum
The Berry-Go-Round is a great family attraction that the whole family can enjoy.  Riders are able to control the spin of their giant over-sized strawberry making for a custom ride experience.

A little one''s dream come true! He or she gets to drive their own "Big Truck" over the hills, the straightaways and the curves. (Adults accommodated as back seat drivers only)

Electrical Needed: 3-phase electric provided

Notes: Outdoors Only. The price is based on a 4-hour rental

A trailer full of fun. Enter through the hanging punching bags, crawl through the tubes into the ball pit, climb the rope ladder and end up sliding down the tubular slide. This is a complete fun house on wheels.

Electrical Needed: none required

Notes: Price based on 4 hour rental

Umbrella ride with 6 rotating vehicles. Cars and mortorcycles with real horns and lights.

Electrical Needed: generator 220 e phase

Notes: Holds 24 pre-teen passengers outdoor only

Choose either green Dino from Flintstones or grey Dumbo from Disney. Each has seats for 2-3 children. Ride goes circular and rises.

Electrical Needed: generator, 220 3 phase

Notes: Adults can ride with children - Outdoors only

Traditional Ferris Wheel on a smaller scale - five enclosed baskets. Music & lights make a festive atmosphere

Electrical Needed: Yes, generator included

NotesPrice based on 4 hour rental; Can be used for parades.

36" minimum
52" maximum
The Dragon Wagon is arguably one of the most popular kiddie rides on the midway. Kids love our friendly dragon themed roller coaster which features dips and hills that are just the right size for the little ones!

Electrical Needed: Power supplied

Notes: Holds 18 passengers

An engine pulls three cars on an oval track. Four children can ride per car, back to back. This ride is geared for children ages 7 years and younger.

Electrical Needed: 110 required or generator (not incl)

Notes: Can be operated indoors of out. The price is based on a 4 hour rental. It can be operated indoors and outdoors.

36" minimum
54" maximum
The Frog Hopper is a exciting mini-drop tower attraction built just for the little ones!

Giant Slide (hard slide) with 3 lanes. Riders sit on gunny sacks and slide down. Great fun for all ages!

Electrical Needed: None required

Notes: The price is based on a 4 hour rental

Giant Spinning Swing Ride with 20 chairs attached to 12'' high arms. 4 years to adult enjoy this ride.

Electrical Needed: Yes, generator included

Notes: The price is based on a 4 hour rental

Kids love this wacky experience! This fun house features plenty of interactive elements and tricks such as moving walkways, trick mirrors, and more.

Engine and three cars run on a oval track. Children, as well as adults can ride.

Electrical Needed: Generator (included)

Notes: The price is based on a 4 hour rental. It can be operated indoors and outdoors.

Engine with driver pulls 3 cars. Children, from 7 years old to 90 years young will enjoy this train.

Electrical Needed: Gasoline powered, we provide the gas

Notes: Can operate on grass or asphalt. Must be as level as possible. The more space, the longer the ride. The price is based on 4 hour rental.

Riders buckle their belts and off they go! By pumping the handles, they start to spin. The faster they pump, the faster they go.

Electrical Needed: none

Notes: Can be operated indoors or out. The price is based on a 4-hour rental

Kids of all ages love this funhouse experience. Plenty of interactive elements and tricks. Moving walls, mirrors, rolling barrel entrance, sound effects

Electrical Needed: Power supplied

Riders have the option of flying high or low. The rider, by pulling backward or forward on the lap-bar, raises or lowers the windjammer.

Electrical Needed: Yes, generator included

Notes: Can only be operated outside

NOTE: Attraction information is subject to change without notice.
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